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The City of Light project is focused on creating an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values. It’s seen as a social experiment where each person involved feels an intrinsic part of the project whether they are a founder, a friend or family member.


This ‘experiment’ has the objective of finding a way that leads mankind towards a new path, a new way of living. It’s a path where individually and collectively citizens give and share with others the gifts of our human earthly life whilst living in harmony, not only with other life on the planet but with Mother Earth herself.


Humanity has reached a turning point; for so many to continue to live unconsciously is no longer an option. Living consciously will be the choice of the courageous few. Only those open enough and willing enough to experience ‘uncertainty’ from a place of love, truth and trust will forge the path for a new harmonious civilisation.


History has shown us that change happens in our moments of decision. It also shows that a decision by one person can set off a chain reaction as other people of similar values and outcomes join in to give life to a seed of an idea. When that idea is nourished it grows and as it grows it gains momentum. So what might seem impossible becomes possible.

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'City of Light' - Introduction Glastonbury Visitors Centre 1 - The Purpose of This Life 2 - Vision of The City 3 - We Are Not Alone 4 - The 'Seed Community' 5 - The Ascention Team 6 - Preperation 7 - Construction Phase 1 8 - The First Settlers

The City of Light Vision

The City of Light Vision

This project is for those that feel a spiritual calling, an inner knowing that they are here for a greater purpose. One seed of wheat alone cannot make a loaf of bread yet a field of wheat can make millions of loaves. Today there are many individual spiritual seeds here on the planet, this project is here to act as a catalyst for those ready to make a difference.


This vision is fluid and flexible and the 'Vision' tells a story of an 'ideal'. The truth is that it will take the combined will and determination of a few to be an example of what’s possible for it to gain momentum. Only a personal dedication to the growth of oneself, and a belief that from a conscious state it’s possible, can this seed grow – we look forward to you sowing your seed in this field...

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