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Join The City of Light Project

Imagine a new City being drawn on a blank sheet of paper, a City whose inhabitants lived lovingly with each other and all the tribes that we share our great planet with. What would it look like, what would the buildings look like, how would we eat, what would be different? For more details just join the site, it only takes a few moments - we look forward to welcoming you.


The City of Light is a social experiment which has the objective of   being an example of a new way of living and being. It is the life purpose and vision of Anthony John.


Anthony wrote a vision in 2003 of a place where people could come to understand all of what is possible and to heal their unconscious behaviour. From this vision he created, with Nicki, a beautiful retreat in Austria where hundreds of people attended Intimate Relationship seminars to learn more about love.


More recently he has studied and enjoyed his own journey towards his multi dimensional self and his attunement with Mother Earth. From this he created a new and even larger vision for his life, ‘The City of Light’.


Anthony is now connecting with other like minded people who wish to live the very important purpose of bringing light and love to our planet, could that be you?